Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A true diva people!

Today I would like to update you on some style news amongst current 3yr olds! I have chosen a perfect example for todays subject...

Missy L, the most gorgeous human being! This is D's daughter and the most precious thing! A true diva in the making...if it hasn't already happened! She chooses her own outfits, and doesn't leave the house without her special pink glasses! I would hate to be responsible to fund her wardrobe! D you may have to get 2 jobs to support her gorgeous and diverish style! Today she went grocery shopping, yes!  dressed like this of course!

Helping Mummy pick some fruit!

When she got home she decided to have a wardrobe change to watch a princess movie, and D had to paint her nails...

Madam loves pink!
The other day she asked D to make her hair hot.... and pink! have a DIVA!!

Princess Lilly strolling the Bayside, the little 3yr old madam going on 30!

Meanwhile, onto other style news....What are your thoughts on this necklace ..and little Princess Lilly?


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello. Sorry I haven't popped in for a while, I have been busy busy busy! Anyway, Friday night was M's birthday. We started celebrating by having an amazing dinner at Capri's in the Emporium. Then of course proceeded to some dancing!

I had some yummy salad...
Anyone on a diet I warn you not to look at this delicious pizza!!! I think on this blog that is all you have seen me eat! I promise I eat other things!! And to be fair I shared this pizza with B, which means I only get one piece!

This is M blowing her candle, the cake was amazing...I dream to have some now!!

This is G and M, arn't they gorgeous?
And this is L, me and M. We have been best friends for years!! I love spending time with these girls!

We also danced..

 Happy Birthday M!!!

Saturday night I had a BBQ with B's side of the family. It was so good to get everyone together. Afterwards, B and I went to the movies to see Hurt Locker! This is an amazing movie!! I can now understand why it was so favourable to the US and won so many Oscars. Nothing fancy about it, they haven't put any special effects, or a huge story line, however, they do show the reality of what is going on in Iraq. I loved should go see it! 

Anyway, I am going to get ready for shopping. Happy Monday!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Italian Fiesta at my place!!

Tonight I decided to make home made pizza!! I even made the dough from scratch people!! Anyway it made my house smell amazing and was absolutely delicious!

Bon' appetite!!!

Sanctuary Cove

Last weekend B and I went down the coast to visit my beautiful friend M at her new shop. It had amazing little things in there! I picked up a very chic lamp for our new room.
We then went to George's on the pier at Sanctuary Cove for lunch! The meals were very satisfying. I couldn't resist my favourite dessert 'pavlova'! It looks amazing...I want some now!

I wore my new favourite ring that M gave me. It's huge, and makes a statement...everything I love in a ring!!

Very french at work! 

Last week I wore a vintage dress that is chiffon and to the knee. It has beautiful embellishments on the neckline and sheer sleeves. I wore it with a black patent belt and a big flower headpiece, and topped it off with some pale cherry lips! 


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get rid of it and make it your 'Wardrobe Heaven'!

I am in the middle of renovating my place at the moment so I have recently been ploughing through interior magazines to spark the inspiration! I have just given Mr Bob the Builder my plans for my dressing room we are creating (ohh so excited!). B and I have FINALLY finished painting after 4 days (what a mission!), I never want to do that again! The ensuit should be finished next weekend, however, the wardrobe will take a little bit of time so you will have to be patient to see photos. In the mean time I thought I would show you all some photos of wardrobes I found, maybe this could inspire us to finally declutter our closets! Up until I decided to take action and create a dressing room, I have been a victim of space! Not enough draws, hanging space, benches etc. I love my things being organised but I just simply didn't have the room! Are you one of those people who has a messy closet, can't see everything you own so you think you dont have something then go buy it? That was me! So I am putting an end to this all and decluttering for the rest of the week. If you do only have one cupboard space to work with then dont worry I have you covered! Follow me and hopefully we will all be free from our wardrobe disasters! But first a little inspiration from some wardrobe heavens!

Talk about ORGANIZED! I love how everything is in colour order!

Space can be a good thing. If you keep it in order it will look tidy 24/7

COAT HANGERS! One easy way to make your wardrobe look in order is coat hangers. Have them all the same, I recomend wood black or natural! I'm sure you can find them wholesale price on the net!

Our lovely Rachel Zoe...'I die'. I'm sure this is a SMALL proportion of her wardrobe!

This is my fav!! I love the clean, crisp fairy tale theme! AND look at thoes shoes!!! yum, yum, yum!!

Mine will look no where near as glamorous or as FULL as these wardrobes but a girl can dream :)

Right now to the decluttering!

I am going to try to simplify the process in a few easy to follow steps...

1. Tip out every draw, pull out every piece of clothing you own onto your bed. It's going to be a messy process so why not take the leap and get everything out infront of you! (this is the one time your room can be messy and not get introuble for it as its for a good cause!)

2. Take a breath, look at everything around you...ok maybe take a few more deep breaths! We are going to make piles! Pick up each item - there are three questions you must consider
a) Do I love this and wear it all the time? If you said YES put it in your yes pile, if NO dont hesitate chuck that thing in your no pile and dont look back!
b) I love this sooo much but does it really suit my body shape? If NO, is there a friend that would look much better in it? This way you can look at the thing you love on someone you love hehe could be torture though!
c) Have I worn this way back and rocked it then....could it make a comeback? If you really think it has the potential to be as chic as it was back then...put it in your 6 month trial pile.

Ok so now we have all your items divided up into 3 piles....YES, NO, TRIAL!

One pile at a time
Lets have no regrets and go through our NO out what your giving away to your friends, then the rest can go to charity (there are charity bins everywhere) and remember somebody's trash can be somebodys treasure!

Now, with the YES pile. I would give everything a good wash and iron (follow care instructions please). oh feel the freshness?? Have you got your new matching coat hangers? Put everything on a coat hanger and place them into your wardrobe. You can order them a few ways may preferred ways are item ordering putting all pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, together. You can put them in outifts bottoms go first then a top to follow, and colour co-ordinating can look really chic! Now you have your fav pieces looking fabulous and ready to wear!

The trial pile! You have to be so scrict with this one. Make space in your wardrobe for these items to be together. You have 6 months, if you dont wear an item that is in this space, its bye bye for them. Got it? This is how our closets have gotton us into this mess! We say yes I will wear this blah blah..but we never end up wearing them. So its time to put clothes to the test and get our wardrobe and life in order!

Continue this process with accessories. Number one tip with accessories if you dont want to wear that necklace anymore but love the beads...change it into something different. Wip out your handy sewing skills or pass it onto Grandma, sew them onto scarves, thread them onto string and make your own arrangement, be creative people! There are no boundaries with accessories!

There are many positives to this process, you will find yourself dressing alot better to your body shape, styling your outfits way more as you can see everything you have, you have been a good samaritan and given to charity and your friends will love you for their new addition to their wardrobe!

I have studied this so if anyone needs help on body shapes and styling let me know I'm happy to help. Even though most people I know are fabulous fashionistas themselves I do hope I have inspired you all to declutter and put your things into order!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I did it! Top of My List!

Well, in case any of you were wondering if I was going to make to work this morning, I did! I walked from Kelvin Grove to the Valley!! It was actually a good walk, took me 1 hr so my legs are very happy now they are resting :)

Ok so now on to my Top of My List!

If you are new to the blogging world and have only just started reading a blog or two here and there it won’t take long to become a devoted reader to your favorite bloggers! I religiously check my top 3 everyday. They all have slightly different concepts which make each one of them so exiting to read. Some of you may think...why? Why blog? Why read what other people are doing in their lives! I think of blogging as a diary or a record of what is happening in my world at that time. Blogging is also a great way to give/read advice on many different things. If you have a passion whether it is fashion, gardening, cooking, sport, travelling...there is a blog out there for you! It's interesting to read other people’s views and opinions on the topic you love, get into it you will see what i mean. Blogging is becoming more popular as it is so accessible, even top bloggers from around the world are getting front row seats at Fashion Week! So if you enjoy the same things i do i have put a list of my fast five to help you get started and welcome you to the blogging world!

1. Faux Fuchsia
FF is a very stylish woman! She blogs about all her everyday things like style, cooking, gardening, movies, books, travelling and entertaining! Her blog can be addictive sometimes as she has the most interesting posts and GREAT advice! I highly recommend this one so check it out!

2. Sea of Shoes

If you want to see style and some amazing outfits from high end designers, Jane Aldridge is the girl to see. She lives in America and has become famously known through her blog. She was even selected to attend the Carillion Ball in Paris last year along with all other famous debutants. I love her blog and all the crazy outfits she has. Her mum has a blog as well, and together they are the most stylish mother and daughter. Celebrities even check Sea of Shoes daily! It's certainly a hit from me!

3. Sitting at my typewriter

An upcoming emerging journalist! This blog has some great writing; the author has turned her blog into an ongoing book almost! She shares her love for photography, fashion, travel and film. Just like Heavenly Creature her blog is only new so show it some love, become a follower and check in on it!

I read many blogs and always find it exciting when i come across a new one so if you have one please let me know!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Im back.Decorating. Celebrations. Challenges

I have been very busy this week and have had not much time to give my blog some love..sorry! Starting with Valentine's Day...Mr B and I are in the middle of Re-Decorating our room, so what else to do on the most romantic day of the year...PAINT!! We chose a pavlova white to brighten the room up a bit. We have a huge window which lets in a lot of natural light too so it's going to look very fresh when we are finished. Sorry I dont have photos at the moment, as we are still in the middle of painting...I dont think we will be finished until next Sunday! On Monday I went to one of my top 10 stores....IKEA!! I love this place so much, especially the thrifty re-cycled area where i found too 'poofs', one was red and white thick stripes and the other was black and white thin stripes. They look very chic and will look fabulous with out fresh look. I also picked up a red glossy single shelf to mount on the wall beside the 'poofs'. I am also a very lucky girl to be getting a dressing room built, so i dont have to worry about the cabinets or shelves taking up all the space in my bedroom. I think this re-decorating process will be a long one! I still have to find curtains, paintings, frame all my pictures, swap the mattress I have in my room at my sisters place, finish building the dressing room and do final touches! Phew...thats a mouthful! It scares me even typing it. I promise to keep you updated with photos very shortly!

Last night it was our gorgeous friend K's birthday! We all went to Freestyle Trout for some yummy dinner and deliciously wicked desert! We had a great time catching up, we have been the closest friends for 15years now!! Wowza! I'm having a late dinner at the Emporium again tonight with my mum and sister...I think we will try Mecca Bar.

My challenge for the week, however, it is slowly being destroyed by the weather. I had a wee little accident involving my cars side mirror/panel and a pole, dont worry no one was hurt except for my little bank account which i'm sure will punish me later not letting me buy anything else i may dream of! Anyway, as a result of this it is in the repair shop with little mechanics running around it to fix my little baby. I'm staying at my sisters place which is much closer to where i work. My attempt starting from tomorrow is to run...ok walk...fine possibly hail a taxi on my way to work. I think its about 7km from work, so people who know me know this is more likely to become a failed attempt, however, I will try at least once and if i'm found on the side of the road gasping for air then i'll know to catch the bus the next day, Wish me luck :S!!

Sorry this post may be a little boring with no pictures, but stick with me guys I promise there will be some very soon! Meanwhile I would like to set my much loved readers a challenge of their own this week. My blog feels a little lonely with not many followers, I dont mind, but my blog can get a little upset when it posts and doesnt feel the love back. So lets change this, a few simple steps will make you the blogs favourite reader.
1. Tell your friends on facebook who dont know about my blog and give them the URL
2.Comment on the post. Click on 'comments' and away you go and tell me what you think about the things i'v discussed in the posts
3. Become a follower and check in daily for updates
4. Tell me what you want to read, what things interest you?

Thanks everyone, the blog would really love it :)

Tomorrow I'm talking about my favourite blogs, so if you do have one, comment on this post, let me know about it and you just may see it in my top list!

Talk to you all soon and cant wait to see the results of our challenges!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

We went and saw Valentines Day

Last night B and I went to see Valentines Day with every actor and his dog making an appearance! I thought it was a great was an easy see film. Good story didnt have to think to much into it. I could just sit there and enjoy. I went for a resort wear theme with my outift. Very casual but i just love this blouse!! I think its my item for the month, I'v worn it three times already this Feb!!

Yesterday I was just in time to pick up this weeks Grazia before the next weeks came out. I heard it had some great shopping secrets and killer styles! So i had to pick up one... I havent had a chance to really read it..but today when i have some time out I'll be sure to get right into it. I will post more about my Valentines day later tonight but i just wanted to show you these beautiful roses i woke up to this morning! I'll keep you posted on how the 'renos' go today. B and I are off to paint my room! Enjoy your day and check in later tonight xx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lee Alexander McQueen

Lee McQueen was a truly unique visionary to the fashion world and ultimately a genius with in his generation. He was dedicated to create unconventional designs and make a huge impact on the fashion world we know today. His inspiration clearly had no boundaries and this was shown through his work. He was an absolute God in the industry and I think today will be the beginning of a change in the world of fashion.

A few words from our editor.
Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief, Vogue "We are devastated to learn of the death of Alexander McQueen, on eo fthe greatest talents of his generation. He brought a uniquely British sense of daring and aesthetic fearlessness to the global stage of fashion. In such a short career, Alexander McQueens's influence was astonishing- from street style to music culture and the world's museums. His passing marks an insurmountable loss"

May you RIP Lee Alexander McQueen

What I wore and Je Ne Sais Quoi

Today I wore a Review dress I got for 40% off last year. I love it, it's one of those dresses you can put on, change it up, accessories and know it will work. Everyone should have a classic shape in their wardrobe black or white is usually the best way to go. I wore it with my $5 necklace and my favourite $10 belt... but its slowly coming apart, I'm so upset. I love colour, which is why I also teamed this outfit with my fabulous fuchsia handbag.

Tonight, after work, I attended the Je Ne Sais Quoi exhibition. It was a chance to acknowledge the ‘behind the scene’ contributors to the fashion and creative industry. Tonight was full of local fashionistas, designers, photographers, makeup artists, models and stylists. The gallery had images put together from a group of talented and creative artists. Je Ne Sais Quoi was created to bring together innovative and inspiring emerging artists, and was designed to collaborate creativity and the network of Brisbane to appreciate the young talent we have in this town. So support Brisbane’s creativity and let’s get this town up on the fashion platform! Head to West End tomorrow night to check it out, head to the website for details.

This is a stylist Dot, Jac and I worked with her at MBFF, it was great to see her!
Just very quickly, I noticed this image by Courtney Brims, she is an amazing illustrator!! I love her work so much and she actually has a window instullation at The Tribune this month. With this illustration she has sketched over a photograph of a model. Her work is devine, I cant wait to get some sketches from her!

Thats all for now 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Are you shoe crazy?

Alexander McQueen.



(If you love this rusty nail heel head to Jean Brown and have it for your own)

Miu Miu.