Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I did it! Top of My List!

Well, in case any of you were wondering if I was going to make to work this morning, I did! I walked from Kelvin Grove to the Valley!! It was actually a good walk, took me 1 hr so my legs are very happy now they are resting :)

Ok so now on to my Top of My List!

If you are new to the blogging world and have only just started reading a blog or two here and there it won’t take long to become a devoted reader to your favorite bloggers! I religiously check my top 3 everyday. They all have slightly different concepts which make each one of them so exiting to read. Some of you may think...why? Why blog? Why read what other people are doing in their lives! I think of blogging as a diary or a record of what is happening in my world at that time. Blogging is also a great way to give/read advice on many different things. If you have a passion whether it is fashion, gardening, cooking, sport, travelling...there is a blog out there for you! It's interesting to read other people’s views and opinions on the topic you love, get into it you will see what i mean. Blogging is becoming more popular as it is so accessible, even top bloggers from around the world are getting front row seats at Fashion Week! So if you enjoy the same things i do i have put a list of my fast five to help you get started and welcome you to the blogging world!

1. Faux Fuchsia
FF is a very stylish woman! She blogs about all her everyday things like style, cooking, gardening, movies, books, travelling and entertaining! Her blog can be addictive sometimes as she has the most interesting posts and GREAT advice! I highly recommend this one so check it out!

2. Sea of Shoes

If you want to see style and some amazing outfits from high end designers, Jane Aldridge is the girl to see. She lives in America and has become famously known through her blog. She was even selected to attend the Carillion Ball in Paris last year along with all other famous debutants. I love her blog and all the crazy outfits she has. Her mum has a blog as well, and together they are the most stylish mother and daughter. Celebrities even check Sea of Shoes daily! It's certainly a hit from me!

3. Sitting at my typewriter

An upcoming emerging journalist! This blog has some great writing; the author has turned her blog into an ongoing book almost! She shares her love for photography, fashion, travel and film. Just like Heavenly Creature her blog is only new so show it some love, become a follower and check in on it!

I read many blogs and always find it exciting when i come across a new one so if you have one please let me know!



  1. proud of you doing that walk! youre insane x

  2. haha thanks...but truth is i have to get 1000x fitter before tomorrow morning. I do bootcamp and its a crazy training session- i nearly died last week and the trainer said i was really i need a miracle for tomorrow!