Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello. Sorry I haven't popped in for a while, I have been busy busy busy! Anyway, Friday night was M's birthday. We started celebrating by having an amazing dinner at Capri's in the Emporium. Then of course proceeded to some dancing!

I had some yummy salad...
Anyone on a diet I warn you not to look at this delicious pizza!!! I think on this blog that is all you have seen me eat! I promise I eat other things!! And to be fair I shared this pizza with B, which means I only get one piece!

This is M blowing her candle, the cake was amazing...I dream to have some now!!

This is G and M, arn't they gorgeous?
And this is L, me and M. We have been best friends for years!! I love spending time with these girls!

We also danced..

 Happy Birthday M!!!

Saturday night I had a BBQ with B's side of the family. It was so good to get everyone together. Afterwards, B and I went to the movies to see Hurt Locker! This is an amazing movie!! I can now understand why it was so favourable to the US and won so many Oscars. Nothing fancy about it, they haven't put any special effects, or a huge story line, however, they do show the reality of what is going on in Iraq. I loved should go see it! 

Anyway, I am going to get ready for shopping. Happy Monday!


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