Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A true diva people!

Today I would like to update you on some style news amongst current 3yr olds! I have chosen a perfect example for todays subject...

Missy L, the most gorgeous human being! This is D's daughter and the most precious thing! A true diva in the making...if it hasn't already happened! She chooses her own outfits, and doesn't leave the house without her special pink glasses! I would hate to be responsible to fund her wardrobe! D you may have to get 2 jobs to support her gorgeous and diverish style! Today she went grocery shopping, yes!  dressed like this of course!

Helping Mummy pick some fruit!

When she got home she decided to have a wardrobe change to watch a princess movie, and D had to paint her nails...

Madam loves pink!
The other day she asked D to make her hair hot.... and pink! have a DIVA!!

Princess Lilly strolling the Bayside, the little 3yr old madam going on 30!

Meanwhile, onto other style news....What are your thoughts on this necklace ..and little Princess Lilly?



  1. Her outfits range in price, i buy from ebay for some, kmart and target are good too and cotton on kids is fantastic!

    this year she says she wants her ears pierced and she wants more leggings,cardies and thick wool stockings for under her skirts.

    shes addicted to lip balm and loves shoes, her shoes, my shoes, any shoes.

    her cardie shes wearing today was on clearance for $8 from kmart and her top is a piping hot thingo from target for $15, she had cotton on kids leggings

    dont mess with her thongs, someone stole her havvies at daycare, we still havent heard the end of that a year ago!

    shall keep you updated with photos :)

  2. ps... i love that necklace!

  3. Hey Dani,
    haha she has so much character for a 3 yr old. poor little thing about her havi's does she have a new pair?

  4. they were $25 so this time i bought her some hot pink ones from big w .. they were $6 and she seemed happy ... everything thats not labelled gets pinched at school/daycare