Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get rid of it and make it your 'Wardrobe Heaven'!

I am in the middle of renovating my place at the moment so I have recently been ploughing through interior magazines to spark the inspiration! I have just given Mr Bob the Builder my plans for my dressing room we are creating (ohh so excited!). B and I have FINALLY finished painting after 4 days (what a mission!), I never want to do that again! The ensuit should be finished next weekend, however, the wardrobe will take a little bit of time so you will have to be patient to see photos. In the mean time I thought I would show you all some photos of wardrobes I found, maybe this could inspire us to finally declutter our closets! Up until I decided to take action and create a dressing room, I have been a victim of space! Not enough draws, hanging space, benches etc. I love my things being organised but I just simply didn't have the room! Are you one of those people who has a messy closet, can't see everything you own so you think you dont have something then go buy it? That was me! So I am putting an end to this all and decluttering for the rest of the week. If you do only have one cupboard space to work with then dont worry I have you covered! Follow me and hopefully we will all be free from our wardrobe disasters! But first a little inspiration from some wardrobe heavens!

Talk about ORGANIZED! I love how everything is in colour order!

Space can be a good thing. If you keep it in order it will look tidy 24/7

COAT HANGERS! One easy way to make your wardrobe look in order is coat hangers. Have them all the same, I recomend wood black or natural! I'm sure you can find them wholesale price on the net!

Our lovely Rachel Zoe...'I die'. I'm sure this is a SMALL proportion of her wardrobe!

This is my fav!! I love the clean, crisp fairy tale theme! AND look at thoes shoes!!! yum, yum, yum!!

Mine will look no where near as glamorous or as FULL as these wardrobes but a girl can dream :)

Right now to the decluttering!

I am going to try to simplify the process in a few easy to follow steps...

1. Tip out every draw, pull out every piece of clothing you own onto your bed. It's going to be a messy process so why not take the leap and get everything out infront of you! (this is the one time your room can be messy and not get introuble for it as its for a good cause!)

2. Take a breath, look at everything around you...ok maybe take a few more deep breaths! We are going to make piles! Pick up each item - there are three questions you must consider
a) Do I love this and wear it all the time? If you said YES put it in your yes pile, if NO dont hesitate chuck that thing in your no pile and dont look back!
b) I love this sooo much but does it really suit my body shape? If NO, is there a friend that would look much better in it? This way you can look at the thing you love on someone you love hehe could be torture though!
c) Have I worn this way back and rocked it then....could it make a comeback? If you really think it has the potential to be as chic as it was back then...put it in your 6 month trial pile.

Ok so now we have all your items divided up into 3 piles....YES, NO, TRIAL!

One pile at a time
Lets have no regrets and go through our NO out what your giving away to your friends, then the rest can go to charity (there are charity bins everywhere) and remember somebody's trash can be somebodys treasure!

Now, with the YES pile. I would give everything a good wash and iron (follow care instructions please). oh feel the freshness?? Have you got your new matching coat hangers? Put everything on a coat hanger and place them into your wardrobe. You can order them a few ways may preferred ways are item ordering putting all pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, together. You can put them in outifts bottoms go first then a top to follow, and colour co-ordinating can look really chic! Now you have your fav pieces looking fabulous and ready to wear!

The trial pile! You have to be so scrict with this one. Make space in your wardrobe for these items to be together. You have 6 months, if you dont wear an item that is in this space, its bye bye for them. Got it? This is how our closets have gotton us into this mess! We say yes I will wear this blah blah..but we never end up wearing them. So its time to put clothes to the test and get our wardrobe and life in order!

Continue this process with accessories. Number one tip with accessories if you dont want to wear that necklace anymore but love the beads...change it into something different. Wip out your handy sewing skills or pass it onto Grandma, sew them onto scarves, thread them onto string and make your own arrangement, be creative people! There are no boundaries with accessories!

There are many positives to this process, you will find yourself dressing alot better to your body shape, styling your outfits way more as you can see everything you have, you have been a good samaritan and given to charity and your friends will love you for their new addition to their wardrobe!

I have studied this so if anyone needs help on body shapes and styling let me know I'm happy to help. Even though most people I know are fabulous fashionistas themselves I do hope I have inspired you all to declutter and put your things into order!


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  1. wow i love the light colours and the fairyish theme as well I love blushes of pink and the whole princess/ ballerina image. is this blog for uni assesment or fun? :)serena