Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Im back.Decorating. Celebrations. Challenges

I have been very busy this week and have had not much time to give my blog some love..sorry! Starting with Valentine's Day...Mr B and I are in the middle of Re-Decorating our room, so what else to do on the most romantic day of the year...PAINT!! We chose a pavlova white to brighten the room up a bit. We have a huge window which lets in a lot of natural light too so it's going to look very fresh when we are finished. Sorry I dont have photos at the moment, as we are still in the middle of painting...I dont think we will be finished until next Sunday! On Monday I went to one of my top 10 stores....IKEA!! I love this place so much, especially the thrifty re-cycled area where i found too 'poofs', one was red and white thick stripes and the other was black and white thin stripes. They look very chic and will look fabulous with out fresh look. I also picked up a red glossy single shelf to mount on the wall beside the 'poofs'. I am also a very lucky girl to be getting a dressing room built, so i dont have to worry about the cabinets or shelves taking up all the space in my bedroom. I think this re-decorating process will be a long one! I still have to find curtains, paintings, frame all my pictures, swap the mattress I have in my room at my sisters place, finish building the dressing room and do final touches! Phew...thats a mouthful! It scares me even typing it. I promise to keep you updated with photos very shortly!

Last night it was our gorgeous friend K's birthday! We all went to Freestyle Trout for some yummy dinner and deliciously wicked desert! We had a great time catching up, we have been the closest friends for 15years now!! Wowza! I'm having a late dinner at the Emporium again tonight with my mum and sister...I think we will try Mecca Bar.

My challenge for the week, however, it is slowly being destroyed by the weather. I had a wee little accident involving my cars side mirror/panel and a pole, dont worry no one was hurt except for my little bank account which i'm sure will punish me later not letting me buy anything else i may dream of! Anyway, as a result of this it is in the repair shop with little mechanics running around it to fix my little baby. I'm staying at my sisters place which is much closer to where i work. My attempt starting from tomorrow is to run...ok walk...fine possibly hail a taxi on my way to work. I think its about 7km from work, so people who know me know this is more likely to become a failed attempt, however, I will try at least once and if i'm found on the side of the road gasping for air then i'll know to catch the bus the next day, Wish me luck :S!!

Sorry this post may be a little boring with no pictures, but stick with me guys I promise there will be some very soon! Meanwhile I would like to set my much loved readers a challenge of their own this week. My blog feels a little lonely with not many followers, I dont mind, but my blog can get a little upset when it posts and doesnt feel the love back. So lets change this, a few simple steps will make you the blogs favourite reader.
1. Tell your friends on facebook who dont know about my blog and give them the URL
2.Comment on the post. Click on 'comments' and away you go and tell me what you think about the things i'v discussed in the posts
3. Become a follower and check in daily for updates
4. Tell me what you want to read, what things interest you?

Thanks everyone, the blog would really love it :)

Tomorrow I'm talking about my favourite blogs, so if you do have one, comment on this post, let me know about it and you just may see it in my top list!

Talk to you all soon and cant wait to see the results of our challenges!



  1. where are you guys living now? good stuff on the reno's!

  2. Ohh thanks anonymous, I was in a rush and blogger doesn't have spell checks but ummm I'm pretty sure u can manage to work out the words :) thanks anyway though lol. Hey Trent! I still live at home just taken over downstairs and ellie has moved into our new unit at Kelvin grove where I'm staying this week. Talk to u soon:)

  3. you know as an avid photographer im not interested if there is no photos! ( jokes) i think leah if you could include style tips, bargain finds especially, your hit and miss lists/ do and dont's, maybe get your freinds together or volunteers do before and after photos, go opshopping for vintage finds... im more than happy to photograph if you need, maybe have a section where you feature other peoples blogs/businesses/etc...

    hope ive helped a weeny little bit'
    love dani :)

  4. Thanks dani!!! They are amazing suggestions!You will see all of these tips on here soon i think.
    see you soon :)

  5. if you need help the girls should do a reno weekend! we can come help paint and build an wat not =)