Sunday, February 7, 2010

Memories from the past and a beautiful celebration

On the weekend B and I ventured off to Tathra (on NSW coastline), to celebrate our beautiful friend’s wedding. Making our way from Canberra is a little town called Dalgety. This is the town my mum grew up in and lived on a farm that has been in our families name for 140 years!!!About 5 years ago my grandparents sold the farm. I hadn’t been back since to visit the new owners so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to reminisce on some great childhood memories, and to see if they changed the place. When we drove up the driveway I just remembered the great times I had at this place! Holidays with the family was great- never a dull moment on the 2500 acres of land!!

I found this photo from years ago. It's a great shot of the house (except a little blurred)!
This is beautiful little church on a hill, this is where my grandparents and Aunty and Uncle got married
Driveway at the farm, hasnt changed a bit...
Wow this new kitchen would have come in handy with 4 women crammed into the old one cooking chrissy lunch back in the day...
I remember this area used to be the way to the outside bathroom...even when it snowed!! Now its a beautiful terrace
Beautiful new water feature...notice the door at the top. This attic kept all old diaries, books, photos of ancestors from 140 yrs back, when I was little one day the door would be open, the next closed. Always gave me the creeps...looks like its still doing it now...
I used to climb this strawberry tree for hours when i was little...seemed much bigger then

Finally we arrived in Tathra after a very long day in the was pouring!!!!
Seeing as though it was a beach wedding at sunrise we were all a little worried about the weather. Next morning a miracle skies covered the town of Tathra and the most beautiful ceremony went ahead and worked out perfectly. Jackie was a stunning bride, and ever so talented to make her gorgeous dress!!

Congratulations Ben and Jac, we love you dearly and wish you all the happiness in the world

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